Sodium Bicarbonate:  2 %, Sodium Carbonate  0,025 %, Purified Distilled Water Q.Q.  120 ml,  Preservative, Buffer,  Fragrance.


Packing :
120 ml


Packing Type :
Plastic Bottle


Number of Products in a Carton :
24 Pieces in a Box



Vetasod (Disposable Vaginal Douche) Vetasod contains Sodium Bicarbonate %2 and Sodium Carbonate %0.025 as active ingredients, they ensure an alkali pH around 8-9 which is adequate to be used for women passing through the menopause period. It is also suitable to eliminate Candida vulvo vaginitis’ symptoms caused by Candida albicaris yeasts. It is effective against bacteria and fungi. It provides hygiene in vagina. It is to be used half an hour before intercourse.


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