Aqua, Sodium Lauryl Ether Sulfate, Glycerin, Cocodiethanolamid, Cocoammido Propyl Betain, Polyquatermium-7, Lauryl Glucaside, D-Phantenol, Coco Glucoside and Glyceryl Oleate, Tea Trea Oil, Aloevera, Mono Propylene Glycol, Tetra Sodium EDTA, Sodium Chloride, Fragrance, Citric Acid, Dye, Benzyl Alcohol, Methyl Chloroisothiazalinone, Methylisothiazalinone.


Packing :
200 ml


Packing Type :
Plastic Bottle


Number of Products in a Carton :
24 Pieces in a Box



Yeni Pharma Lice Shampoo is highly effective when used as directed. It can be used at home and will remove head lice without leaving any harmful chemical residue behind.  Yeni Pharma lice shampoo’s double action formula not only suffocates but also dehydrates head lice and eggs. In addition, its convenient  to use as it washes the hair at the same time.

Yeni Pharma Lice Shampoo:

• Highly effective. 

• No active chemical residue is left behind. 

• It’s easy to use.


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